Venieri Wheel Loaders Public Launch

Venieri Wheel Loaders Public Launch

•             Local agricultural dealer to be sole UK importer of Italian wheel loaders

•             Extremely resilient and cost effective machines that provide powerful, unrivalled performance in the loading shovel sector

Venieri – a renowned leader of the earth moving sector in Italy is expanding its horizons and hitting the UK market with gusto. Teaming up with RVW Pugh Ltd - agricultural dealers for Massey Ferguson and Fendt in Powys, Shropshire and Cheshire, Venieri will now at last be able to bring its 67 years’ experience in the industry, to the UK.

Following a successful press launch last month where top agricultural journalists were able to put the machines through their paces, RVW Pugh will finally be launching these impressive machines to the public at this year’s Royal Welsh Show.

Venieri was the first company to introduce hydrostatic transmission in earth moving machines back in 1968, and was also the first company to introduce an electric loader to the world in 2007. This major interest in technological innovation has ensured that Venieri are always at the forefront of earth moving technology!

But what makes these wheel loaders different to others on the market? Well, Venieri machines are built with minimal electronics allowing them to operate in the harshest of weather conditions and terrain, making them extremely resilient and reliable.

“The minimal use of electronics will undoubtedly appeal to those who prefer mechanical simplicity”. – Profi Magazine

They also boast a convenient ‘Z’ linkage system allowing for quick and easy equipment change, hydrostatic transmission allowing a stepless speed change for ease of operation, and pivot steering for excellent all round vision and control.

Filippo Venieri, Managing Director for Venieri s.P.a says: “We believe our machines fit perfectly into the UK agri sector in terms of power, performance, and ease of maintenance; and with an emphasis on quality over quantity, we have chosen the single dealer route to market. A great reputation and complementary existing machinery franchises means that RVW Pugh Ltd is the obvious choice to introduce our products to the UK!”

With an extensive line up available, RVW Pugh have concentrated on two models – the 3.63G and the 13.63, which both lend themselves to the agricultural industry perfectly!

The 3.63G is a compact machine, 1.82m maximum width to be exact, making it perfect for access around small buildings or anywhere where space is an issue. Whereas in contrast, boasting a very healthy 177hp, the 13.63 is extremely powerful and rugged making it perfect for heavy duty, agricultural and earth-moving applications.

Robert Pugh, Managing Director of RVW Pugh says: “Farms are growing and along with this expansion comes a need for bigger, more efficient more economical loaders, not to mention the contractors, timber yards, recycling depots, demolition contractors, construction companies and plant hire firms out there that would also benefit from these machines. They are fantastically durable and at fraction of the price of similar brands, they provide a great new option for those in need of a new loader.”

You can read more about the individual machines on the Venieri Wheel Loader Page