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UTV300 – 60W Bullet Style LED Head Light – Halo DRL – Ea

£119.50 (Exc. Tax)

Bullet projector style LED headlight with high and low beam

Low beam: 1x 30W customized LED
Output: 2100lm
High beam: 3x 10W Osram LED
Output: 2400lm

Halo daytime running light (DRL)

DRL: 24x 1W Osram LED

No radio interference

Maintains OEM appearance

Measures 164mm front to back length x 130mm to outside of fitting ears. 90mm diameter lens

Wholegood numberUTV300

The UTV300 is a bullet projector style LED headlight with high and low beam and has a halo daytime running light (DRL). The high and low beam gives you so much more illumination than anything else on the market. Be safe and be seen with the low beam and with the DRL being inbuilt it will boost your daytime range. No radio interference means no disturbances on your radio, CB radio and even your GPS. This light also fits in with your machine’s OEM style not only enhancing the appearance but the quality and above all the performance of your machine.

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