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SIP Super Boxy Compressor

£126.43 (Exc. Tax)

This Super Boxy Compressor is small and compact housing a 1.5hp motor giving considerable power packed in a lightweight case. Perfect for household use or to keep in the boot!

•230v (13amp) input supply
•Powerful 1.5hp (1.1kW) motor
•Fully oil-free, direct-drive model
•Lightweight 2 litre air receiver size
•4CFM maximum piston displacement
•6.4CFM maximum free air delivery (FAD)
•116psi (8 bar) maximum working pressure
•With 6 piece kit; inflating gun, 3m rubber
hose, 3 needles and general inflator gun
•Built-in remote hose pressure regulator
•Highly portable and very lightweight
•Suitable for households/travelling
•Premium Italian construction

Wholegood numberMC-SIP05291
Weight 0.5 kg
Gender / Age

Technical Description:
Input Supply 230v (13amp)
Motor Power 1.5hp (1.1kW)
Receiver Size 2 litres
Piston Displacement 6.4CFM (198 litres/min)
Max. Free Air Delivery 4CFM (113 litres/min)
Maximum Pressure 116psi (8 bar)
Noise Level 97dB(A)
Gross Weight 9kg
Packaged Dimensions 342 x 150 x 555mm

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