Fendt 211 – Busby Farms

Here, Patrick from Busby farms in Stafford explains why it’s power and compact size makes the Fendt 211 an integral part of their strawberry harvest.

Was Fendt your first choice when it came to choosing a tractor?

Yes we have had them before and they work well for what we want them for.

How do you find the 211 tractor to drive?

It’s just brilliant, a very smart tractor. Really comfy and nice to drive, I enjoy driving it in comparison to other small, compact tractors.

Do you find the size works well for the job you are doing?

It’s great for us as we mostly use it on topping and spraying for the strawberries. It’s easy to get around, gets into all the small places. For its power I would say it’s very compact, it does not look like it’s got that horsepower when you look at the size.

What is the main job you use the 211 for?

We use it mostly on the strawberry production but it is a great all round tractor. It does most things that we need really. We do about 1500 hours per year with the tractor so its used a lot.

How do you find the Vario transmission?

Very smooth, it’s so lovely to drive. Makes it a pleasure.

What other machines do you drive on the farm?

We also have a Fendt 209 that is a little older but again it’s a good tractor, similar to the 211. We like the Fendts for the fruit. They tread carefully but get the job done.

Do you feel like the power of the tractor is sufficient for your needs?

Yes definitely, it suits us well. Not too much and not too big for what we use it for.