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NEW ALKO Robolinho 100 Automatic mower


The AL-KO Robolinho 100 robotic mower is the entry level model in a new generation of fully independent, automatic and quiet lawn mowers.

German-engineered and made in Austria from high-quality, durable plastic components, the Robolinho© 100 is a showcase of AL-KO's innovative design and quality workmanship, which combine to guarantee a long service life under any kind of weather.

Day or night, come rain or shine, the AL-KO Robolinho© 100 is fully automatic and works around the clock and in any weather, even when you are not at home or away on holiday. It produces no exhaust, is whisper-quiet and detects and avoids obstacles in its path automatically. This new level of operational safety means that children and pets can happily play on the lawn while Robolinho© 100 gets on with the mowing.

The initial set up is very simple. All you need to do is select a site for the base station, lay the perimeter wire and programme the time you want the Robolinho© 310 to start mowing. The mower will return to the base station independently if it starts to rain, needs recharging or you press the unique 'home' button.

Recommended for lawns around 700 square metres, the AL-KO Robolinho© 100 can handle slopes of up to 35%. It has a 28cm cutting width, and the height of cut is adjustable from 3cm to 6cm. AL-KO's newly-developed DCS (Double Cut System) ensures a perfect cut, wherby the two blades finely cut the grass clippings which then fall back to your lawn as a valuable biological fertiliser.

The power behind the Robolinho© 100 is the latest generation of rechargeable batteries in the form of a 1.5Ah 18 volt lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries supply impressive power and are incredibly lightweight and exceptionally long-lasting. As the battery has no memory effect, it will not self-discharge and can be recharged at any time.

Lightweight at just 8kg, AL-KO's fully automatic robotic lawn mower represents the future of lawn mowing and is also recommended for people suffering from allergies or with physical limitations.

Wholegood Number 21018369
Year of Manufacture N/A
Hours N/A
Retail Price £1,166

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