Daniel Roberts - Pwll Farm

The rep Smithy knows what we want; we have bought a fair few tractors from him now. He knows what the farm wants and tries to find the most suitable machine for that.
Fendt 514 for us is just the perfect size for the farm, not too big not too small as we are more livestock than arable we didn’t want something too big. We tried everything when we were looking, New Holland, John Deere, Massey but the Fendt was just great. It was the whole package, comfort, speed on the road and the Vario is brilliant, spreading muck today it was just so simple pulling the joystick back and forward, no changing gear, nothing just sit there and play with the gear stick. Pleasure to drive.
Yes! Definitely. The stigma around a Fendt about them being complicated to drive etc. is wrong. It’s not at all, it’s the simplest tractor you can get, you press the button and that’s it. Simple. I am on my third student on the farm and not one of them has had a problem they have grasped it straight away. My dad who’s in his seventies thinks it’s a dream to drive, if he can grasp it I’m sure it cannot be that difficult.

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