Alan Beech

In the past I have stayed away from large dealers in the belief that they would only be interested in those who buy large quantities of farm machinery. When I walked onto a busy R.V.W. Pugh stand at an agricultural show a couple of years ago, the reception I got made me think again. They were very helpful, despite the fact that I make it clear that I wouldn't
be buying another tractor for a couple of years.

Well 2 years on and last autumn I was ready to go shopping for that tractor, so I did the rounds of most of the suppliers in the area. Pughs came out on top. They were prepared to sell top quality kit at sensible prices and with a great attitude to a potential customer.

Not perfect, twice when arranging for a demonstration machine, it didn't arrive from the manufacturer. Well that's life. What really impressed me was that they always kept me informed as to what was happening, even when that wasn't good news.

I've had the Iseki tractor and MX loader for a few months now. Talked with their service people a few times since and they have been great. Only 1 minor niggle, the radio they gave me is rubbish. I would happily have paid a few more pounds for something better. That apart, absolutely no regrets with either the equipment or the dealer.

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