Carrying out regular tractor service and maintenance, as well as maintenance of your other agricultural machinery is critical to ensuring that you get the most out of the time you have in the field. 

Here at RVW Pugh Ltd we pride ourselves on our history and success. We have built our sales and service reputation over the past 32 years on a sound understanding of local farming and farm machinery.

As the industry has moved on we have lead the way with the service we offer through first class premises, practical, equipped facilities and well-trained staff. 

When servicing your tractor or machinery, why not choose a company who:

  • Have a team of 18 engineers and a fleet of 14 service vehicles.
  • Are able to deal with the majority of breakdowns on site.
  • Understand the importance of speed in a break down situation.
  • Have the technology on board their vans to diagnose problems efficiently.
  • Have two modern, clean and fully functional workshops. 
  • Have a full range of lifting and handling tools.
  • Have a full range of specialist tools.
  • Have a full range of technical and workshop manuals.
  • Have a computerised spares identification system.
  • Have fully equipped parts suitcases for diagnostic testing and rapid repair on board our vans.
  • Have over 10,000 parts in stock.

We invest a huge amount of time and money in training our staff, to ensure that they are kept up to date with technical product knowledge, best practise methods and other courses to ensure maximum efficiency and smooth running of workshop jobs. Outside the workshop we have invested in comprehensive wash off areas, to clean tractors and machinery off, complete with state of the art pressure washers and a well thought-out drainage system with an environmentally friendly grease and oil interception and separation function.

Services Offered

Our service department aren't just here for servicing and repairing tractors, we have trained staff on site, equipped vans and expertise to offer the following services:

  • Tractor and machinery demonstrations
  • Machinery servicing & repairs
  • Tractor hire
  • Dynometer testing
  • Telehandler training
  • Telehandler MOT's - now a legal requirement!
  • Steel fabrication buildings

Regular Service Pays

Over 59% of machine breakdowns could be avoided by regular maintenance. The total cost incurred by the farmer can be from 3 to 17 times the cost of appropriate preventative maintenance, especially at harvest time when other machines and people are stood idle while repairs take place! By having your tractors and machinery serviced and checked at RVW Pugh Ltd - you can save yourself a huge amount of money.

A combine breakdown could cost, taking into account grain quality loss, £3,438, whereas a routine maintenance plan would cost only £247. For a straw chopper the cost of breakdown could be £1,765, with the cost of maintenance being only £159. Statistics provided by BAGMA.

MF ALWAYS RUNNING ‘MF Always Running, Your Courtesy Fleet’

This provides a temporary replacement machine to ensure owners can continue working with minimum interruption to maximise uptime while their tractors are being serviced or repaired.

As Massey Ferguson dealers we can provide customers with a range of courtesy tractors - from 100hp to 400hp – including general purpose workhorses and arable specialists right up to the flagship MF 8700 S Series.

We know our customers can’t stop until the job is done and MF Always Running ensures the need for maintenance or repairs won’t stop operations. Massey Ferguson tractor owners will be quickly back up and running with a replacement tractor – but not just any tractor, it will be the latest model equipped to the specifications they need to get the job done.

Why Genuine parts and service matter? 


Each and every component part is integral to the performance, reliability and the integrity of your machine. Manufactured and tested to original engineering specification, only Genuine AGCO Parts guarantee perfect fit and function for your AGCO machine.


You’re too busy to have to worry about the reliability of your machinery. Genuine AGCO Parts ensure the peace of mind that comes with peak performance and efficient machine operation all year long.


Genuine AGCO Parts are covered with 12 months warranty.