Pottinger Europrofi 5510L

Pottinger Europrofi 5510L

Local Farmer Ben Beddoes explains how his Pottinger assists his day to day farming needs....

Local farmer Ben Beddoes is located approximately 2 miles from the Churchstoke depot. A long standing Pottinger customer Ben is looking to produce the right quality of milk with a strong emphasis on forage quality for the farm’s “Dairy Dreams” ice cream business. Currently milking around 200 cows, Ben changed from a Pottinger Mex 6 trailed forage harvester to a new Pottinger Europrofi 4500L wagon back in 2008

“One of the most immediate benefits we saw was the big reduction in labour”, comments Ben, “utilising just one person rather than 3 or even 4 that we needed for the forage harvester”

Ben also noticed far fewer DA’s (twisted stomachs) in the herd. It was common to have 5 or 6 every year with the shorter precision chop system, but now one every couple of years is the norm with the wagon forage.

“But what really got our attention was the speed that we could clear the field. Initially I thought the time we spent away from the field would seriously affect the Pottinger wagon’s output. But thanks to its impressive loading efficiency it was actually far quicker than our trailed forage harvester and three trailers!”

Towards the end of 2014 Ben started to consider changing the Europrofi 4500L for the latest Europrofi Combiline wagon. “The strong residual value of my second hand Europrofi 4500L and the increased performance of the new model made it a straight forward decision. Pottinger are way ahead of the rest of the market. In my opinion there wasn’t any point in looking at a different brand.”

After several conversations with Barry Humphreys, Territory Manager from Pottinger UK at local shows and events, Ben came to the conclusion 

that the new Europrofi 5510L Combiline would fit the bill to harvest around the 500 acres total across 4 cuts. Having in recent times acquired some land further away from the farm the extra capacity of the new larger model would help on these 16 mile round trips. To harvest this grass with a self-propelled forage harvester would probably not be viable at this distance.

The shorter 39mm chop length offered by the new model over the previous models 45 mm chop also impressed. Ben believes this will only aid consolidation in the clamp further, which he acknowledges as the key to good silage making.

The deal was done with RVW Pugh Ltd and a new Pottinger 5510L Europrofi Combiline arrived early in 2015. As expected the performance of the new model did not disappoint,

especially load capacity and ease of driving. This is thanks to the new lowered floor design which is ramped down towards the loading rotor aiding load compression within the wagon body.

Ben is thrilled with the chop length of his new machine with other local farmers have commenting that it looks no different precision chop grass when inspected in the clamp.

The new Europrofi Combiline machine was further utilised for zero grazing last year combined with a front mounted mower.

Thanks to the extra capacity of the new wagon Ben has found that traffic levels are now much lower. Fewer trips are a major benefit with the farm situated on the side of the busy main Churchstoke to Newtown road, thus helping reduce risk and increase safety for the operator and farm.

So how would Ben sum up using his new Pottinger Europrofi 5510L
Combiline wagon?

“Flexibility and being in control of the harvesting process are the key benefits of the new Europrofi Combiline. I’m totally thrilled with the new machine and the high quality forage its helps us produce, is proving to be a key factor in the success of our business”



Mike, Oscar & Ben Beddoes Summer 2008                                                            Mike, Oliver, Oscar & Ben March 2016