Second at Cruckton!

Second at Cruckton!

This year we have attended a number of different ploughing and cultivation events, two being last weekend (Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September). 

Having had a few years off, 'Autumn Action' a cultivation event in Telford made it's return. Teaming up with Pottinger UK we put on a fine display of cultivation equipment and large tractors. A Fendt 720 pulled a Pottinger Servo Plough, a Massey 6615 pulled a Pottinger Aerosem drill, a Massey 6616 pulled a Terratec cultivator and the highlight was a 6m Terrisem drill being pulled by a Challenger tracked tractor. We also had a 3m Pottinger Terrasem on static display.

The event was a great opportunity to see all types of cultivation equipment working, with a ploughing marathon performed at the end by Walford College.

All tractors and machinery had to then be moved to Oswestry for Cruckton Plouging Match the following day. 

Cruckton Ploughing Match drew an even bigger crowd - with less space to demonstrate, the majority of machines were on static display, but our Fendt 720 and Servo Plough still managed to win second in its class! Everyone thoroughly emjoyed themselves - a really great day out for the family!