Exclusive Fendt event success!

Exclusive Fendt event success!

On Monday 20th April, RVW Pugh Ltd and Fendt UK held an exclusive tractor event at Shrewsbury Town Football Club to showcase the latest Fendt models and give visitors first-hand experience driving the full range.

With crowds in attendance from 2pm right through to 10pm, the sun shone down on a variety of visitors. Contractors, small farm owners and even small children from as far afield as Herefordshire and Denbighshire, were all eager to have a drive in the market-leading tractors.

The event was designed to allow tractor drivers, who perhaps weren’t as familiar with Fendt machines, the opportunity to try out models from each horsepower range at the same time and in the same place, whilst having staff from Fendt and RVW Pugh on hand to answer any questions. Something that proved to be very convenient, time-saving and effective! 

One customer said “Being able to see all models in the same place, and then being able to try them all out is an opportunity that we just don’t get, and couldn’t possibly miss!”
A father and son from the Newport area also commented “We are currently using John Deere tractors but have come to compare the physical size and comfort of the Fendts, in particular the 800 series”

A major topic of the day was the Fendt’s guidance system, with a specially designed course allowing visitors to see for themselves how intuitive, accurate and easy-to-use the software is.

Robert Pugh, Managing Director at RVW Pugh said “With the amount of technology in tractors and machinery increasing, some people are almost put off by it. This event showed people just how easy the software is to use and how it can dramatically improve performance and efficiency.”

Something else that the budding Fendt drivers reported on was how simple the tractors were to operate. A contractor running both John Deeres and Fendts from the Mold area said “We’re after something compact but with decent horse power – the 500 series seems ideal. I am also struck by how similar each range is to drive, from the small 200 series, right up to the 900 series – all very similar and simple to operate!”

All in all, the day was a great success and one that will certainly happen again!