Machines set to be built after September 2017 will fall under the new Mother Regulation enforced by the European Union. This will mean we will start 2018 with all new machines abiding by the new regulation. The new features introduced for type-approval are many and vary widely. The most significant of them are listed below:

Mother regulation is a European requirement (EU/167/2013) which impacts on different areas of the tractor as follows:

  •  Increased Operator safety
  • Applied to any new model homologated from 1st Jan 2016
  • Mandatory for all models produced from 1st Jan 2018 (Inventory produced before 1st Jan 2018 will have restrictions for being sold in 2018 – limited volume)
  • All tractors for European supply

Those requirements involve some improvement on the tractor, mainly on :

  • Tractor and trailer emergency braking performance
  • Guards
  • Access & handrails
  • Safety decals / labels
  • Warning indicators
  • Control logos
  • Component shape around the operator environment
  • Guard access

Hand Brake
Emergency brake lever will have a holding position – it becomes a
handbrake lever. Parklock stays as standard

Brake pedal safety rules
Linked pedal sensor to allow the tractor to travel at speeds above 40Kph

2 line braking system
One of the requirements is to have at least 2 brake lines. 

To meet Mother Regulation trailer/implement requirements an ABS socket

Access & handrail
RHS step integrated into the fuel tank with a folding section for more convenient access.

Guard access
To open the bonnet, a tool is now required and this is delivered in the toolbox. Action is turn to open.

It must also be mentioned that some of the current type-approval requirements will be maintained: Rollover Protective Structures, ROPS, with reference to the OECD code, seats, power take-offs, PTOs, drawbar hitches and ballast.

This inevitably means more machinery is going to cost more, with more changes being made across the industry its worth talking to your local dealer now to discuss how these changes may affect your future purchases.

We at RVW PUGH try and safeguard our customers by purchasing stock prior to these increases. We have stock at both Holmes Chapel and Churchstoke depots to view from compacts to large horsepower tractors, telehandlers and machinery. We are looking at what special pricing packages we can offer customers to ensure that they are getting the best deal out there. Give us a call now if you’re unsure of how this will affect you or if you want to try one of our stock machines.