Rotary Tedders

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Rotary Tedders

The ideal for spreading and tedding any type of fodder. Fast and careful tedding for the best possible forage qua-lity. Many models, suitable to meet your requirements, start from 2,50 m.(8') up to 8,50 m. (28'4") of working width, you can select the 3 point mounted or drawbar pulled types, hydraulic or manual raising on the 4 rotors. Only owning a GALFRE' tedder you will be able to appreciate its feature of reliability in technic and operating, who made the GALFRE' tedder one the most known in the world.


A - Articulated chassis for perfectly integranted workmansip .
B - Spreader device.
C - Directional stabilizer shock absorber:
D - Spring teeth of superior quality to ensure maximum working life. Choice of straight or hooked teeth.
E - Articulated three-point
F - Road transportation: On models GS 850, 730, GS 650, the machines may transported by means Of a trailer, for improved stability and safety.

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