Rotary Rakes

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Rotary Rakes

The GALFRE' rotary rake gives you back the results of the manual labour, the fodder will be clean of stones and earth, hence a high quality fodder very nutritious. The windrowins will be perfect, well aired, not twisted for an easy baler's harvesting. Many models, starting to meet your requirements, starting from 2,20 m. (7'4") up to 7,00 m. (23'4"). Only owning a GALFRE' tedder you will be able to appreciate its feature of reliability in technic and operating, who made the GALFRE' rotary rake one of the most known in the world.


A - Fixed three point attachment.
It is both light and compact making it particularly suitable for use hilly or mountainous terrain. It is able to maintain its direction even over very steep ground. Articulated by means of two pivoting wheels.
B - Articulated three point attachment.
Gives the machine increased mobility and agility bends and flat land. The forage forms perfect windrows that are well aired, thereby facilitating baler collection.
C - Directional stabilizer shock absorbers.
The device ensure that the direction is maintained and also helps to align it to the tractor axis without in any way affecting the mobility of the articulated three-point attachment.
D - Hydraulic working height adjustment.
All the windrowers may be fitted with a hydraulic working height adjustment device to guarantee constant side-delivery quality.
E - Tandem axle
F - Oil sealed gear box

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