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The AdBlue solution reduces harmful emissions from heavy duty diesel engines using the SCR technology. GreenChem works towards a greener future and a cleaner environment.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is an extremely pure solution, especially developed for the diesel engines with a SCR system. AdBlue mainly consists of water and urea. It is injected into exhaust gas to reduce harmful NOx emissions and meet the Euro5 and Euro6 emission standards.

Chemical compounds of AdBlue

AdBlue is a solution of urea in demineralized water. GreenChem produces AdBlue according to ISO standards. This ensures the highest quality of AdBlue. AdBlue contains approximately 32,5% urea. It is also known as AUS 32 ((NH2)2CO). Please download the AdBlue Specifications (by DIN) for more information on the exact composition of AdBlue.

AdBlue, how does it work?

AdBlue reduces harmful emissions through a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction occurs when AdBlue is injected into exhaust gas inside the catalyst of the diesel engine. Untreated exhaust gasses contain nitrogen oxides (NOx) which are a major air pollutant. AdBlue is especially used to reduce emission of this pollutant.

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