Pottinger Grassland

Pottinger NovaCat Mower

Pottinger/NovaCat Mower

Pottinger Novacat Front Mounted Mowers

Pottinger/Novacat Front Mounted Mowers

Pottinger Novacat Mower Combinations

Pottinger/Novacat Mower Combinations

Pottinger Novadisc Mowers

Pottinger/Novadisc Mowers

Pottinger Novacat Trailed Mower

Pottinger/Novacat Trailed Mower

Pottinger HIT Tedders

Pottinger/HIT Tedders

Pottinger Eurotop Rakes

Pottinger/Eurotop Rakes

Pottinger TOP C S Line Rake

Pottinger/TOP C S Line Rake

Pottinger Forage Wagons

Pottinger/Forage Wagons

Pottinger Mex 6 Forager

Pottinger/Mex 6 Forager

Pottinger Grassland

Pottinger is a family owned business which has been trading for more than 140 years. Founded in 1871 by Franz Pottinger, Pottinger have built a reputation for designing robust, innovative, productive machines for the grassland and cultivation markets. Products such as the Pottinger Alphamotion front mounted mower, with its groundbreaking contouring system or the Forage Harvester Automatic knife sharpening system demonstrate Pottinger’s commitment to quality and innovation in design.

Pottinger have manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, including Grieskirchen, Austria and a new drilling technology factory in Vodnany, Czech Republic. All Pottinger products are manufactured to strict quality guidelines.

Whether you are looking for a rake, mower, plough, seed drill or cultivator, Pottinger has a proven, reliable, efficient machine for you. Please see the product list below for more information.