Merlo Telehandlers

Merlo Merlo P25 6 Ultra Compact Telehandler

Merlo/Merlo P25.6 Ultra-Compact Telehandler

Merlo Compact Telehandler

Merlo/Compact Telehandler

Merlo 27 6 Compact

Merlo/27.6 Compact

Merlo Turbofarmer Telehandlers

Merlo/Turbofarmer Telehandlers

Merlo Multifarmer Telehandler

Merlo/Multifarmer Telehandler

LWC Skid Steer Bucket Brush

LWC/Skid Steer Bucket Brush

Merlo Cingo Multi Purpose Transporters

Merlo/Cingo Multi-Purpose Transporters

Merlo Telehandlers

RVW Pugh Ltd are dealers for Merlo Telehandlers. It is the unique concept of the Merlo telehandler that has made it such a success in farming and on construction job sites.

The combination of a side-mounted engine (a Merlo patent back in 1987) with a hydrostatic drive resulted in a lightweight, compact and maneouvrable machine, when compared to the 'traditional' machines with their conventional transmissions.

Each Merlo has a mix of these main concept features, these include:

  • Light, compact and maneouvrable,
  • Very easy to drive,
  • Instant braking,
  • Very precise,
  • High ground clearance.

Together with the side-mounted engine, hydrostatic drive is the secret of Merlo's compactness, ease of driving and sheer productivity.

Just some of the advantages are:- It's very easy to use, It's very precise, without 'lurch', It's very safe with instant braking, It's completely separate from the loader hydraulic circuit, It's quick to warm up on cold days, It's protected against misuse by an electronic management system.