Kockerling Cultivators

Kockerling Trio


Kockerling Allrounder Classic

Kockerling/Allrounder Classic

Kockerling Allrounder 650 700 Profiline

Kockerling/Allrounder 650/700 Profiline

Kockerling Allrounder 900 1200 Profiline

Kockerling/Allrounder 900/1200 Profiline

Kockerling Precision Cultivator Vario

Kockerling/Precision Cultivator "Vario"

Kockerling Vector Cultivator

Kockerling/Vector Cultivator

Kockerling Quadro Cultivator

Kockerling/Quadro Cultivator

Kockerling Cultivators

Kockerling cultivation machinery is produced in Verl, Germany and for the last 20 years Kockerling has specialised in ploughless cultivation technology. Kockerling products are the culmination of experience gained through working with agronomists, designers and farmers to produce effective, durable machines designed to enhance crop growth.

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