Pichon Tankers and Muckspreaders

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Pichon Slurry Mixer

Pichon/Slurry Mixer

Pichon Single Axle Tankers

Pichon/Single Axle Tankers

Pichon Twin Axle Tankers

Pichon/Twin Axle Tankers

Pichon Tri Axle Tankers

Pichon/Tri-Axle Tankers

Pichon Spreader Bars

Pichon/Spreader Bars

Pichon Injectors


Pichon Muckmaster 20

Pichon/Muckmaster 20

Pichon Muckmaster 16

Pichon/Muckmaster 16

Pichon Muckmaster 12

Pichon/Muckmaster 12

Pichon P126 Compact Loader

Pichon/P126 Compact Loader

Pichon P260 Compact Loader

Pichon/P260 Compact Loader

Pichon P330 Compact Loader

Pichon/P330 Compact Loader

Pichon Tankers and Muckspreaders

Pichon is a family owned company with more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and service of agricultural machinery and handling equipment.

RVW Pugh Ltd has a enjoyed a long association with Pichon and Pichon’s tankers are widely held to be the best tankers for the large scale user or contractor. Please scroll down to find Pichon’s products.


Pages: 12