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Fendt Tractors

When the Fendt brothers, under the guidance of their father Johann Georg, started to build tractors in a blacksmith’s shop, they could not foresee the tremendous changes in tractor technology that would occur during this century. But from the very start they knew exactly the direction they wanted to take: to impress the customer with new technical solutions, profitability and reliability.

In 2011, Fendt has forged a reputation as for building premium quality tractors. Boasting the renowned Vario continuously variable transmission. Fendt tractors are fuel efficient, economical, easy to drive tractors offering superb visibility and unparalleled operator comfort. With the 200 Vario, Fendt offers a new dimension in compactness, productivity and efficiency. Now you can also profit from the superior Vario technology in the power segment from 70 to 110 hp maximum power. The Fendt 200 Vario, the first compact standard tractor with a continuously variable transmission, is distinguished by maximum profitability, cutting-edge equipment features and easiest operation. With a brand new design, the 200 Vario offers you a one-of-a-kind driving sensation and comfort as never before.

With the newly developed 500 Vario, Fendt offers the perfect all-round tractor for mixed and grassland farms. Light, compact and manoeuvrable, it represents the award-winning Vario stepless drive in the middle power segment between 125 and 165 HP maximum power. Optionally, it can also be equipped with all the technology that was until now reserved for the upper mid-sized class and high horsepower tractors. With a broad operating spectrum, it allows additional utilisation in agricultural contracting businesses or cooperatives - without compromises. Its particular strength lies in PTO operations. In small-scale areas, its exceptional manoeuvrability is a special benefit.

With the new Fendt 700 Vario, Fendt introduces a compact high-horsepower tractor, which is virtually unmatched in practical innovations. A maximum output of 200hp to 240hp, combined with exceptionally compact dimensions, permit a wide range of applications, from heavy duty field operations and light row crop work, to dynamic transport work and manoeuvrable front loader operations. The undisputed highlight of the 700 Vario is the new Fendt Visioplus cab - it redefines visibility.

With the 800 Vario, Fendt introduces the next generation of compact high horsepower tractors. A maximum engine power output of 280hp, a top speed of 60km/h and the completely new electronics platform, Variotronic, are only a few of the highlights on the 800 Vario. The SCR engine technology ensures highly efficient use of fuel for greater profitability.

The Fendt 900 Vario is the executive of the tractor market. As the most powerful standard tractor with a maximum output of 390hp it delivers power and performance like no other, and intelligently converts it into pure efficiency. With powerful leading qualities, the new 900 Vario is the top contender for an executive position in your farming business. All of these fantastic products benefit from RVW Pugh Ltd backup and after sales support, making sure your working on time, every time.