For over 25 years Alpego has been designing and manufacturing only farming implements based on the 60 years experience in the field of the Pegoraro family.

Our philosophy has always been geared toward the research and development of technological and organizational innovations: all this can be recapped in the concept of “transmitting the maximum value”.

The value of our implements does not only come from the materials they are made of, but also from the passion and work of the women and men working in Alpego.

Therefore, our improvement grows necessarily with the improvement of the people who work at Alpego.

For us it is important to invest in the constant training, because each person can and must fully express his or her potential, while cooperating with others.

We know we still have a long way to go and our team work allows us to identify our weak  points, to face  and to overcome them. This represents the basis of each of our choices, projects or organizational process.


While following  this line we have built a new facility, where state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies will be applied, which will improve both our products and the work quality.

The varnishing unit installed in the new facility was put together thanks to the cooperation of professional experts of the sector, suppliers and Alpego employees.

The commitment of everybody has allowed us to obtain an extremely innovative and efficient unit, which will give ALPEGO the possibility of reaching new quality levels in their products, shorter manufacturing times and assembly dynamism.


We have also decided to invest In the spare part department  and to offer a stock of over 35000 items, covering a manufacturing period of over 20 years.In this way we want to enable every Alpego implement to continue to perform and maintain its value for as long as possible.


Our partners and suppliers grow with us thanks to the daily exchange of information. In a few words, the value of our machines grows along the entire processes of research, design, development, prototyping, manufacturing and delivering to the end user.

Our purpose, however, is to maintain and even improve such value also after the sale, by guaranteeing high levels of quality and service. Through our new  customer-dedicated portal, our technicians are able to assist our customer at any detail level.
We can proudly say that the customer who has chosen Alpego has not just bought a machine, they have rather shared our own concepts: the idea that the quality of a machine does not only come from the materials used, but mostly from the added value brought in by the professionals who have worked on the product from research to delivery.
The result is a complete line of power harrows, subsoilers, rotary tillers, flail mowers and combination seed-drills.
A concentrate of brilliance and high technology with extraordinary performances and quality.
It is not by chance that our motto is….”The best Technology in the Field”.

RVW Pugh have stock of Alpego machines available to view and purchase. Please see what is available in this section.