Forigo Sterilizer MT45

Forigo/Sterilizer MT45

Forigo Sterilizer MT35

Forigo/Sterilizer MT35

Forigo Sterilizer MT Dry 25 35 45

Forigo/Sterilizer MT Dry 25/35/45

Forigo Mix Tiller Deeper

Forigo/Mix Tiller Deeper

Forigo Mix Tiller Deeper ino

Forigo/Mix Tiller Deeper-ino


How Mix Tiller works

Mix Tiller consists of a Stones Burrier having a hydraulic smooth roller and a sprayer able to distribute corrosive liquid products. The sprayer nozzles are placed inside the cowling of the stone burying device, so that the distribution of the product is made together with the ground processing.

The blades of the rotor rise and throw the soil on the back grid that holds the stones and the residual cultivation products, letting them drop at first in the furrow, at a depth over 100 mm. The fine soil is left on the surface and it is levelled through the back bar. Tests using methyl blue, in work, confirm that chemical product is uniformally mixed in the cultivated soil. The back hydraulic roller, that can be set on the side, levels and compresses the ground; its action can be modulated by changing the pressure on the ground and the rotation speed.  During treatment with fumigants the roller is able to create a very compact surface film slowing down the leak of gas from the ground.


In the distribution of liquid fumigants replacing the methyl bromide (this product is banned starting from January 2005) it is very important to properly mix the product with the ground in order to avoid any volatilization in the atmosphere before its sterilizing action has been performed. The first results obtained by distributing Metam sodium products have shown that with Mix Tiller it is possible to reduce the distributed dose of 25% and also to improve its efficacy.

Advantages of Mix Tiller

§  it reduces operators time in the area treated as distribution – compounding- mixing and compression are made in one only pass avoiding any operation after the distribution;

§  it reduces the dispersion of the active principle in the atmosphere  because it mixes  immediately with the soil and makes a compact coat on the ground surface;

§  it improves the effectiveness of the treatment also in clay or muddy grounds that obstruct the horizontal movement of the gas;

§  it allows the use of the product in open field or in tunnel without irrigation plant;

§  it improves the fumigant action also in structured soils or with residual vegetation products because it will mix them with the ground.