Plant-Mec Cubicle Bedding

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Plant-Mec Cubicle Bedding

Sweeps, cleans and beds in one easy pass!

Q-Bed is a self propelled one pass cleaning and bedding machine geared towards the dairy industry.  After enquiries from some of our existing customer base requiring this type of machine, Plant – Mec Ireland with the help and support of Invest Northern Ireland saw an opening in the market place for this type of product. Q-Bed is already proving to be an asset on a local farm.  It makes cleaning and bedding of the cows quick and efficient, with less waste of bedding material, it is also very manoeuvrable around the cubicle houses and operator friendly, and the galvanised finish will increase the longevity of the machine in this environment.

Q-Bed is powered with a 10 HP diesel engine with electric start and stop.  The engine provides ample power to drive the hydraulics, which control all aspects of the machine.

The front cubicle brush can easily be adjusted for angle manually, when it arrives on site. Height adjustment we feel is most important and can be controlled with ease from the operator seat giving a 3 – 4 inch height adjustment.  On the front there is a brush to sweep the slats or concrete floor this is faced with a scraper blade to take the pressure off the manure, and the brush will then leave a non-slippery surface behind.

The Q – Bed even has a led light fitted on the front of the hopper to illuminate the cubicles in front and the cubicle brush itself.  It will bed shavings, sawdust and chopped straw; the amount being placed on each cubicle is also adjustable as is the spread placement on the cubicle.

• 10hp diesel engine 
• Key start and stop
• Operator-friendly
• Fully galvanised chassis
• Hydraulically driven
• LED cubicle light
• Unique curved scraper and brush
• Cubicle brush and scraper hydraulically controlled
• Machine turns 360 degrees with ease
• Sawdust can be controlled, both in direction and quantity
• Cubicle brush fully adjustable to suit all requirements
• Built with strength, quality and reliability 

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