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Yamaha Grizzly 350 ATV

Yamaha/Grizzly 350 ATV

Yamaha Grizzly 450 ATV

Yamaha/Grizzly 450 ATV

Yamaha Grizzly 550 ATV

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Yamaha/Grizzly 700 EPS ATV

Yamaha ATVs

Mobility and a world of new experience - that's the promise of Yamaha's Utility ATV range. These ATVs are absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to discover the adventure of off-road riding in comfort and safety.

Choose from ultra-easy-to-handle entry-level models, or ATVs designed for long-range comfort and ability - there's an ATV to suit everyone. Each model is built around an ultra-reliable 4-stroke engine that combines the optimum package of performance, durability and reliability. Plus you can expect great design and good looks to come as standard. If you are looking for these properties in your ATV, choose a Yamaha.

Precision engine design

The 4-stroke engines used in Yamaha ATVs are designed to give you high levels of torque at low and midrange rpm. The result is increased traction - on all kinds of terrain.

High ground clearance

The compact design of Yamaha's ATV engines allow them to ride high over rough ground, ensuring great stability and a more comfortable riding experience. Strong skid plates help to protect the ATV engine and chassis from damage if an obstacle is encountered.

Yamaha EFI -Electronic Fuel Injection technology

At the heart of the Yamaha EFI system, an electronic control unit ensures a precisely metered mixture of fuel and air enters the engine's combustion chamber at all times, and under any conditions. The result is an optimal combination of smooth power and economy.

On-Command® drive system

Yamaha's push-button On-Command 2WD/4WD system (with locked-differential 4WD) lets you switch between drive modes, giving near-instantaneous transition from cruising to climbing.