Massey Ferguson Tractors

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Massey Ferguson MF 1500 Series

Massey Ferguson / MF 1500 Series

Massey Ferguson MF 1700 Series

Massey Ferguson/MF 1700 Series

Massey Ferguson MF 3600 V S F GE

Massey Ferguson / MF 3600 V/S/F/GE

Massey Ferguson MF 3600 A F

Massey Ferguson / MF 3600 A/F

Massey Ferguson MF 4700 Global

Massey Ferguson/MF 4700 Global

Massey Ferguson 5700 Global

Massey Ferguson/5700 Global

Massey Ferguson 6700 Global

Massey Ferguson/6700 Global

Massey Ferguson MF 5700 Series

Massey Ferguson / MF 5700 Series

Massey Ferguson 6700 S

Massey Ferguson/6700 S

Massey Ferguson MF 7700 Series

Massey Ferguson/MF 7700 Series

Massey Ferguson MF 8700 Series

Massey Ferguson/MF 8700 Series

Massey Ferguson MF 9000 Telehandler

Massey Ferguson / MF 9000 Telehandler

Massey Ferguson Tractors

Think Red! Massey Ferguson Tractors are the most widely sold tractor in the world.

With a fantastic range of machines covering every aspect of farm work and life from 19hp MF1500 garden tractors to 370hp MF8600 CVT tractors, Massey Ferguson has a tractor to suit you. RVW Pugh Ltd has been a Massey Ferguson dealer since 2000 and we have been delighted to see the quality of MF tractors consistently rise.

Every Massey Ferguson tractor adheres to the following values:

Vision: Massey Ferguson's vision for the world of agricultural machinery has always been clear; to produce worthwhile and innovative solutions for professional farmers feeding the world.

Innovation: Massey Ferguson strive to be one step ahead when it comes to innovation. Products are designed to constantly push the boundaries of farm machinery. From the simplest push of a button to technological advancements in engine and transmission efficiency, Massey Ferguson strive to make life simpler for the operator.

Leadership: Massey Ferguson is the most widely sold tractor in the world, making MF leaders in the agricultural arena. They have won awards for class-leading technology and advancement in design and are already driving ahead, environmentally and economically.

Quality: It takes certain distinctive attributes to make a quality product. At Massey Ferguson, this distinction starts at the drawing board and doesn’t stop. Every stage of manufacturing, from the building and testing process to sourcing the best components, demands excellence.

Reliability: Massey Ferguson don't let a machine out of their sight until they are 100% sure it will perform to the high standards expected. Only after rigorous and painstaking testing, both in simulations and in the field, will MF allow their products to leave the factory.

Support: Agriculture can be a solitary business, that’s why Massey Ferguson make sure that the customer can get support whenever they need it and at crucial times of the year.

Pride: For Massey Ferguson, pride means many things. It's in everything MF do and it shows. It’s in Massey Ferguson's proud heritage, their unique product design and MF's ongoing support to our customers.

Commitment: Massey Ferguson are deeply committed to delivering the highest of expectations and to build high quality, reliable products with innovative features that are backed by the best support packages.



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