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Teagle / Fertiliser Spreaders

Teagle Compact 8 Broadcaster

Designed for small areas, landscapers and small holders. The Compact 8 fertiliser spreader offers bout widths up to 8 metres, overlapping spread patterns to reduce the risk of striping and a 243 litre capacity hopper. The hopper is removable making the Teagle Compact 8 easy to clean.

Teagle XT20 Precision Broadcaster

This compact fertiliser spreader has bout widths up to 12 metres, a fully overlapping spread pattern to minimise striping and spread pattern adjustment. The Teagle XT20 has a hopper capacity of 660 litres and is removable for easy cleaning.

Teagle XT24 and XT48 Twin Rotor Precision Broadcasters

These everyday fertiliser spreaders offer an affordable, accurate way to spread fertiliser. The Teagle XT24 & XT48 have bout widths of up to 12 metres, offer an even spread, are easy to setup and will spread most materials. Both models are strong and durable plus come with a 3 year parts warranty. The removable hopper makes the Teagle XT24 and XT48 easy to clean. Teagle XT24 - 675 litre hopper Teagle XT48 - 1354 litre hopper

Teagle Centerliner SE Series

SE 2500: 10m – 18m Bout Width / 1300 litres capacity
SE3500: 10m – 18m Bout Width / 1850 litres capacity

- Outstanding reliability
- Professional finish – Double Powder coated with stainless steel spreading components
- Quadruple Overlapping Spread Pattern - minimum risk of striping
- Straightforward setup - simple one pin adjustment

Teagle Centerliner SX Series

SE3500: 6m – 24m Bout Width / 1580 - 3150 litres capacity 

- Quadruple Overlapping Spread Pattern - minimum risk of striping.
- Engineered to the highest standards the SX is the workhorse of the Centerliner range.
- Well considered design ensures ease of use at every stage from setting up to washing down, so that SX owners come back time after time.
- Professional finish – Double Powder coated with stainless steel spreading components.

Teagle Centerliner SX C Tech Series

The Ultimate in Precision
The SX C-Tech brings convenient precision farming to the SX models.

The Centronic control system can be integrated with optional Centermatic weigh cells and GPS controlled variable rate systems for absolute accuracy and efficiency.

All SX C-Tech models are equipped with the Centronic control system which automatically adjusts the shutter opening according to the tractor forward speed (DPAE).


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