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Vaderstad / Tempo

Unmatched precision at very high speed

Väderstad Tempo is a new generation high-speed planter, delivering an unmatched precision at double the speed of traditional planters. No-till, min-till or conventional tillage – Tempo performs exceptionally in all conditions. The crops gets the best start possible which results in an even emergence.

Next generation metering

The heart of Tempo is the unique seed metering unit, the Gilstring Seed Meter, which delivers an unmatched precision at very high speed. The secret behind this lies in the fact that Tempo takes full control of the seed delivery, from the seed meter all the way down into the soil. This unique seed control means vibrations or slopes do not affect the precision of the seed metering.

One machine - Multiple crops

Maize, sugar beet, soya beans, sunflower, oilseed rape, cotton, sorghum and many more – Tempo is able to plant a full range of crops with excellent results. By easily changing the row spacing and machine setup for different crops, Tempo offers high versatility on the farm. The result is increased efficiency and minimised machine costs per hectare. Changing the seed discs is carried out in a matter of seconds without the need of tools. 

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