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Carre / Prairial Singlepass

With the aim of providing livestock producers with a real solution for grassland management, we have developed an implement that is unique and meets all your requirements for your animals well-being 

Why aerate? Tractors, rain and the movement of your animals cause grassland compaction. It impedes the balance between minerals, air, water, and organic elements. This balance is the key to the productivity of your soil. 

By aerating you are freeing nitrogen, improving water and slurry penetration of the soil, you are also encouraging underground activity (worms, etc…) you are reducing the impact of dry spells and finally you are helping of nutrients to reach the roots Your animals make better use of your grassland, and can stay out longer! This implement performs several actions in one high-speed pass (15 km/h): scarification, aeration, moss removal. Optimise the profitability of your grassland!

The PRAIRIAL’S original design provides great operating stability at high speed (up to 12 km/h).
• 3-point attachment by pins,Categories Nos.2/3
• 100x8 tubular frame 120x60x8 and 200x100x5
• 4 knife-holding and levelling blade holding bars 70x5mm.
• Reversible knives with a pitch of 200 or 250mmon 2 bars at the front.
• The knives’operating depth is adjustable bymeans of a screwed push bar.
• Staggered levelling blades on 2 fixed bars at the rear.
• The knives and blades are fixed on flexible blades.
• 8mmdia. rootrake harrow on 2 rows at the rear with adjustable aggressiveness.
• Hydraulic folding from 4.50m:
• Transport width:
- Fixedmodel:3m
- Foldingmodels:2.50m
• Pair of tyred depth gauge wheels 18 x 8.50-8 (460 dia. x 220)

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