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CH-2000 Bale Feeder / Hustler

The CH-2000 is a unique chainless bale feeder, which will handle round or square bales efficiently. As with the chained versions, the bale is spiked and liifted onto the platform with the heavy duty tines and the bale is ready for feeding.

The large polypropylene cradle lifts hydraulically altering the pressure on the rotors which varies the feed rate depending on the application. The two self-cleaning rotors are carefully timed and simply tease the feed over the side of the machine.

Key features and benefits
- Will feed round or square bales and chopped material with ease
- Non-corrosive poly cradle floor
- Very low cradle for ease of loading
- Easily adjustable feed rate
- Self-clean rotors
- Multiple patented design features
- Dog clutch automatically engages drive as A-frame latches onto cradle
- Optional extension bar allows feeding of 8' (2.4m) long square bales

- Bale sizes round:       4'x4' - 6'x5' (1.2x1.2m - 1.8x1.5m)
- Bale sizes square:      Up to 6' (2.4m)
- Bale weight:              Up to 1000kg
- Unit weight:              490kg
- Hydraulics required:   2 x double-acting, 12-60 litres/min, 2250-3000psi

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