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Hustler / SL-450X Bale Feeder

The SL-450X is based on the popular SL-350, but has the added advantage of the extension chute which allows delivery of the fodder into a high level trough or manger.

Extending to the right-hand side of the machine the extension chute ensures that the feed clears the wheelings of the tractor and is dropped into a high-sided trough.

Key features and benefits
- Requires only one hydraulic spool to operate
- Will feed round or square bales and chopped material with ease
- Massive galvanised chains for durability
- Very low cradle for ease of loading
- Non-corrosive cradle floor
- Easily adjustable feed rate
- Low maintenance
- Safe and simple to use
- High back bar to retain bale
- Dog clutch automatically engages drive as A-frame latches onto cradle
- Extension chute for high level feeding

- Bale sizes round:       4'x4' - 6'x5' (1.2x1.2m - 1.8x1.5m)
- Bale sizes square:      Up to 6'6" (1.1m)
- Bale weight:              Up to 1000kg
- Unit weight:              640kg
- Hydraulics required:   2 x double-acting, 12-60 litres/min, 2250-3000psi

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