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Hustler / SL-350 Bale Feeder

The popular SL-350 is an economical option for farmers who are primarily feeding round bales.

Featuring massive 12,000lbs chains and tough zinc-plated cross members, the SL-350 simply unrolls the round bale quickly and effectively feeding precisely the correct amount of feed to the exact location where it is required, minimising wastage. The powerful hydraulic motor can be reversed at he flick of a lever allowing the SL-350 to feed to the left or the right, whilst the fully emclosed non-corrosive floor eliminates feed waste.

Key features and benefits
- Requires only one hydraulic spool to operate
- Will feed round or square bales and chopped material with ease
- Massive zinc-plated chains for durability
- Very low cradle for ease of loading
- Non-corrosive cradlefloor
- Easily adjustable feed rate
- Will feed to the left or right
- Low maintenance
- Safe and simple to use
- High back bar to retain bale
- Dog clutch automatically engages drive as A-frame latches onto cradle

- Bale sizes round:       4'x4' - 6'x5' (1.2x1.2m - 1.8x1.5m)
- Bale sizes square:      Up to 6'6" (1.1m)
- Bale weight:              Up to 1000kg
- Unit weight:              460kg
- Hydraulics required:   1 x double-acting, 12-60 litres/min, 2250-3000psi

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