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Opico / Pasture Harrow

The Pasture Harrow is a new addition to OPICO's grassland machinery range, but what does the Pasture Harrow do? Designed with a specific job in mind, the Pasture Harrow improves the decomposition of manures increasing their natural fertiliser value.

A simple low cost operation such as using a Pasture Harrow shortly after grazing can increase the speed of your pasture recovery by dispersing molehills, manure heaps; clearing out moss and thatch which aerates
the sward allowing oxygen to get to the root zone.

This will minimize the time needed for sward recovery after stocking and maximize the sward's grazing potential.

It disperses muck, manure heaps and molehills:
• Improves decomposition of manure
• Increases their natural fertiliser value
• Maximises the sward potential
• Reduces weed ingression
• Gives you more productive pasture!

It also aerates the sward:
• Rips out moss
• Opens the sward
• Activates natural nitrogen
• Stimulates grass growth

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