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Massey Ferguson / MF 3600 A/F


The MF 3600 Series consists of rugged power and quick, agile manoeuvrability. These tough little machines have been designed to tackle the widest range of agricultural, specialist and municipal tasks, simply, cost-effectively and in a spacious, comfortable working environment.

"F" Version
In widths from 1.45 m to 1.90 m, ‘Flex’ version tractors are compact, flexible, multi-purpose machines, ideal for general farming application. The Flex model is also perfect for use in extensive vineyards, fruit orchards, confined livestock buildings and even on steep, hilly farmland. The three top models in the ‘F’ range have an AGCO POWER Common rail engine as standard and with a choice of transmissions.
"A" Version
The 3600 ‘A’ tractor is the perfect multi-application tractor. Available in widths from 1.70 m to 2.40 m; the wider profile opens up a host of new application possibilities. The 3600 ‘A’ is more than capable of performing a host of vital roles in many sectors of the market.This straightforward, simple to operate tractor is the perfect partnership for your business and lifestyle.


MF 3630
3.3 Litre, Max. 76hp Available in A

MF 3640
3.3 Litre, Max. 84hp Available in A / F

MF 3650
3.3 Litre, Max. 92hp / 94hp Available in A / F

MF 3660
3.3 Litre, Max. 102hp Available in F

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