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BvL / Biogas

Standard equipment*:

Special, energy-efficient mixing-augers „Hardox“- steel base plate on the bottom of the auger adjustable knifes on the auger Dosing system underneath the bottom of the Large notch to do service ladder "V2A" - anti-corrosion lining(option) "V2A"-auger (option) Minimize your power requirement with BvL mixing augers

We use special designed mixing augers - especially designed for fermentation. These minimize the power requirement in combination with process-safe work.The processing of longer materials like dung is possible without blockages. Additional plastic skid plates prevent abrasion in the hopper.

Complete dosing systems by BvL

The BvL Dosing hopper system is combinable with all placement systems. BvL in series offers a discharge in the base plate for the discharge into a screw conveying system. This special construction prevents by constant „shearing-off “hanging-up in the interchange point to the conveying system. As complete system BvL offers the container including the conveying system first hand.

Stainless steel lining

Optional stainless steel lining of all BvL containers. For this purpose BvL uses a sufficiently thick stainless steel. That is particularly corrosion and acid resistant.

Individual constructions

Individual constructions of BvL supply individual solutions. The screw conveying system is adapted to the fermenter to deliver the best system for your needs.

We design plants particularly tailor made to customer requirements. Our BvL team of specialists develops together with you the plant. Owing to the order-related production, these plants can be produced just in time and according to your demands.

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