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BvL / Shear Grab

Robust cutting technology for 'heavy' types of silage

BvL provide customised unloading technology solutions that are a perfect match for all kinds of silage clamp conditions and every possible silage consistency.

The use of Shear Grabs is an excellent option if you need to handle wet silage for example, as the silage pressure generates a counter pressure during cutting. This preserves the storage density of the silage and helps it retain its highest possible quality.

The sophisticated shape of the cutting frame makes it possible to achieve clean cuts even on the toughest types of silage.

The smooth and low-wear operation of the BvL Shear Grabs guarantees a superior work experience while ensuring swift unloading with minimum trickle losses thanks to the closed cutting frame and the narrow spacing of tines.

The rugged construction ensures that operation is almost completely maintenance free! 

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