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Kockerling / Precision Cultivator "Vario"


The aim is to mix the post harvest residues evenly in the top 50 - 150 mm. This way nature, through the micro biological activity and the actions of worms, degrades the straw.

This increases the humus content and significantly improves the soil quality. Having mixed the straw the soil needs reconsolidating to give weed, seeds and volunteers good soil contact and to reduce the ability of slugs to thrive. When good straw mixing takes place, the danger of fungal disease and damage to the capillary structure is reduced.

The KÖCKERLING "PC" has been developed to work at an overall shallow depth mixing the post harvest residue evenly levelling the work and reconsolidating the cultivated ground.

The working depth is selected hydraulically using two depth wheels at the front of the machine. These depth wheels are linked to the rear reconsolidation roller. This way the precise working depth is even over the whole width and length of the machine.

Cost reduction The target of reducing crop establishment costs, reducing the time taken and to improve the humus content in the soil havemeant that stubble cultivations have become much more important. Even harvest residue incorporation at shallow depth and reconsolidation of the worked ground to produce the best possible chit therefore making chemical elimination more effective are also important.

Seedbed preparation The high tine density, 23 on the 3.00m PRECISION CULTIVATOR, ensures all the soil is moved. The tines are spread over eight tine bars ensuring block free work. Any unevenly spread straw has the opportunity to be re-distributed evenly through the working depth. The high weight of the PRECISION CULTIVATOR aids penetration even in hard, dry conditions.

Optimum Reconsolidation Having moved all the soil and evenly mixed the post harvest residues it is crucial that the moved ground is reconsolidated. Reconsolidation creates good weed, seed and volunteer soil contact, moisture is retained and slug control is aided. The Precision Cultivator incorporates a 530mm diameter soil-to-soil roller (STS) to reconsolidate the moved ground. The STS roller has two rows of self-cleaning rings. The rings are constructed from ‘U’ channels.

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