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Kockerling / Quadro Cultivator

QUADRO - The four bar stubble cultivator

With the need to prepare stale seed beds the demands on stubble cultivators have increased. The post harvest residues need to be incorporated rather than left on the surface. The mixing must be as even as possible and retained in the top soil strata if subsequent crops are to achieve their potential. The worked soil should be level with mostly small clods and be reconsalidated. Volunteers and weed seeds should not be buried deep thereby allowing the best chit to be achieved. The distribution of the straw and stubble needs to be even speeding up the break down into soil. The cultivator must be able to meet the criteria and to be able to work in all conditions. KÖCKERLING have developed the QUADRO to meet these demands.


  • For shallow and deep work (depending on points)
  • Four tine bars with good under beam and inter tine clearance
  • Front and rear depth control with rear consolidation
  • Semi - mounted for ease of use and reduced turning radius
  • Tines coil spring protected
  • Double STS Roller The double soil-to-soil roller firms up the ground behind the tines to give good weed seed to soil contact and to aid soil weatherproofing. Self-cleaning the open ‘U’ channel rings fill with soil and the friction between the soil in the ring and the ground keep the roller turning. The robust rings mounted on a substantial axle provide stability particularly important in stoney conditions.

    TopMix We have developed the Topmix points to mix the straw. The two part winged point works together with soil guides to boil the soil so that the straw is fully mixed. The Topmix points offer three configurations. With the first stubble working the volunteers will chit. If needed a second deep pass can be made to either loosen the soil deeper or to further mix the straw. The point options allow the selection to suit all conditions.

    Levellers The Quadro incorporated a dual levelling arrangement behind the last row of tines. First flat steel levellers even out the ridges left by the ties and then a row of crossboards in front of the DSTS roller break larger clods and firm the soil before the DSTS roller does it’s work. The levellers are height adjustable allowing the correct position to be selected for the prevailing conditions.

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