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Kockerling / Vector Cultivator

VECTOR – Stubble Cultivator

The 4 tine bar universal cultivator for shallow and deep stubble cultivation. Optimum straw mixing: min till relies on through straw mixing for the best results. The harvest residues no longer are left on top and the right cultivation depth can be chosen to suit the following crops and the amount of straw. Compared to previous 4 bar cultivators the Vector leaves a much finer crumble and therefore the ideal germination conditions.

  • 4 tine bar universal cultivator

    Vector stubble cultivator produces the ideal finish thoroughly mixing large quantities of straw. The double STS roller reconsolidates to give good weed seed. The VECTOR is equipped with a single row following harrow. The aggressiveness can be adjusted to suit field conditions achieving the desired finish. The following harrow works equally well on chopped straw or on ploughed ground.

  • Patented Easy-shift depth

    The VECTOR is equipped with the patented EasyShift on the move depth control, this infinitely variable depth control produces optimum work quality. Operated from the tractor seat EasyShift on the move depth control allows the operator to select exactly the right depth as conditions change. EasyShift on the move depth control alters the depth at the front and at the rear simultaneously in a parallel motion without the use of distance clips on the hydraulic rams.

  • TopMix points

    Köckerling has developed the TopMix points to give a top qualitiy mixing effect. The soil guide rolls the soil and straw thus mixing these two elements thoroughly. With shallow stubble working the volunteers germinate. Deeper working loosens the ground and provides more soil for the mixing process in heavy straw conditions. With the choice of points available the best combination can be selected for every condition.

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