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Opico / Grass Tine Harrow

The OPICO grass harrowing concept simply transforms the way you work your grass. The angle of the tine combined with the overall design of the harrow makes it ideal for stimulating new grass or renovating old pastures.

With an OPICO Grass Harrow, leys can be re-vitalised and dry matter yields boosted. You can attach an OPICO Air Seeder, and oversow old worn leys to boost grass and clover content, or start afresh and put down a brand new ley with the harrow and seeder combination.

The OPICO Grass Harrow covers every inch of the ground, thanks to its unique contour flexing tine bed. It clears moss, opens the surface, improves aeration and encourages growth. Like all good ideas it is very simple and is now recommended by thousands of farmers who have switched to this common-sense approach to what used to be a ‘harrowing’ job.

The Opico Grass Harrow includes the following specifications:
• Available with 7mm or 8mm tines
• 1.5m - 24m working width
• 10-130 hp requirement
• Available as non-folding/hydraulic folding/scissor folding/semi-mounted models

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