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Pichon / Muckmaster 16

The Muck Master M16 muck spreader has an approx capacity of 16m3. It is fitted with a robust road-going axle and oversized 420x180 brakes. Depending on the material, it is capable of spreading across widths of 8 to 15m. This spreader is made up of an entirely galvanised body. In order to achieve optimal spreading quality, PICHON opted to mount two vertical beaters with a very large diameter of 1,035mm, with 52 reversible fingers on a single-block drive unit. The position of the beater frame at the rear of the body prevents the materials to be spread from being pushed back, thereby saving the drive power of the PTO. By combining this design with oversized beaters, the Muck Master 16 allows its users to achieve a regular spread with high working flow rates, no matter which material they are spreading. The M16 spreader is fitted with a protective frame and an interior vision grid, a galvanised spring-loaded drawbar and an adjustable jack. The floor, which is made up of 70mm U-shaped cross members, can be fitted with Ø16 standard chains or Ø20 VAUCANSON chains. The floor is driven by an oversized gearbox with a torque of 1,000 m/N that is regulated by a PICHON in-cab electric control.

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