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Pichon / Tri-Axle Tankers

The capacity of the tri-axle tankers ranges from 18,500 to 30,000l. These tankers are intended specially for groups of farmers, large farms and contractors. The choice of this type of equipment is determined by two criteria: a large volume of slurry to be transported and a certain distance to be covered between the filling and spreading points. For optimal working yield, it is important to compare the volumes with the distances to be covered.

The power of the tractor and the quality of the soil receiving the filling product are also two decisive factors when choosing a product from this range.

This type of equipment is intended for agriculture, wine growing and public or industrial works.

Pichon Tri-axle tankers have the following specifications:

  • Integrated galvanised chassis
  • 18,500ltr - 30,000ltr capacity
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