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Larrington / Silage Side Trailer

The Silage Side Extension Kit is an important recent improvement to the Larrington Trailer range.

The silage extension kit is shaped so that it fits securely onto the curved top-rail of the trailer body. This helps to keep the side extension in place as the load pushes it outwards. The shape of the extension kit also strengthens the structure, removing the risk of the sides bending and twisting, and makes it easy to locate the sides onto the top of the trailer.

The conventional flat top-rail of the trailer body has been reshaped so that it is curved. As well as the advantages described above, the curved top-rail stops the material being loaded from hanging on the top rail which could later fall onto the road. The angle also matches the arch of the rollover sheet, removing the need for a second rail to be fitted for the rollover sheet to seal onto.

The taildoor extension is fixed to the top of the hydraulic door. It is lifted out of the way with the taildoor when the load is being emptied.

All of the sides can be lifted off of the trailer, by using the lifting points at the top of the sides, with a forklift truck.

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