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Larrington / Flat Deck Trailers

This Flat Deck trailer has a 6mm folded and formed full length chassis which incorporates the floor and cross members as part of the complete structure of the chassis. The Larrington Flat Deck trailer has adjustable raves. The raves can be completely stored away on the trailer, so that they always stay with the trailer and do not get lost. The deck can be coated in an anti-slip paint or left smooth for use with wrapped bales. Side plates (20 mm) can be fitted to help secure boxes loaded on the trailer. A strap box holds ratchet straps used to secure the load on the trailer. There are holes provided in the side rails for the ratchet’s hooks to clip into. No rope hooks are provided as there was no customer demand for these, with ratchets now universally used. Deck lengths of up to 26ft or 32ft long x 8ft wide are available, with a range of axles available ranging in specification up to full commercial 420 x 180 braked axles and commercial road suspension. Bogie suspension is also available for hilly conditions and maximum oscillation. The basic model comes with:

  • Fixed drawbar
  • 14 ton tandem suspension
  • 90mm 8 stud axles
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