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Larrington / Majestic Grain/Beet Trailer

High capacity grain and beet trailers have been the core of Larrington Trailer’s business for over 30 years. The latest trailers incorporate the “M” super strong and lightweight chassis. This strength means that when tipping at 60 degrees they reduce the bowing curve associated with trailers made with a box section chassis and formed and folded bodies provide the strength to withstand the beet heap. Interlocking side posts which are fitted through the floor members and welded at the lowest point add massive strength to the sides. The side posts are also welded to the floor sheets as they are placed between the castellated side moulds. Other manufacturers don't interlock the side posts with the floor or floor members, most merely angle and seat the side posts on the outer angled edge of the body and weld them together. This might look similar to the Larrington Trailers design, but is structurally weak. Larrington trailers also use the latest computer aided design systems (SolidWorks®) and the chassis they design and build have been subjected to rigorous structural analysis to make sure the trailers are as strong and light as possible. This attention to detail has resulted in a very successful trailer, with the Majestic trailer in production since 1997. NEW FOR 2011

  • The "Eye" This extra large front window helps the driver reduce damage as the driver can see the crop being loaded. The "eye" offers the highest visibility through to the inside of the trailer to date.
  • Extra High Arches Our highest arches make it easy to cover any heaped crop with a roll over sheet.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes ABS fitted as an optional extra for compliance with Constriction & Use Regs.
  • Air Brake System Type 24 air chambers with integrated hydraulic rams.
  • Load sensing Valve Twin line air brakes with load sensing valve fitted as an optional extra.
  • 5-Point Drawbar Adjustment Correct the ride height and transfer weight from the trailer. 5 height settings available.
  • Ladder & Fold-up Internal Steps Side mounted access ladder. Side mounting the ladder reduces mud splash. Fold-up internal steps allow easy exit from the trailer body.
  • Solid Suspension 24 Ton, 4-Leaf Springs with Commercial Axles and 420 x 180 brakes. Axle spread of 1360mm.
  • Rear Drawbar Folded and stored away while not in use, the rear drawbar includes brake light couplings.
  • Grain Chute The grain chute handle can be placed on either side for use with a grain elevator. The grain chute can also be locked open or closed.
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