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Larrington / Carbon Light Tipping Trailer

The New Carbon Light range of trailers is a direct result of Larrington Trailer’s investment in a unique 8m plasma cutter and a 8m 400 ton brake press which allows Larrington Trailers to use up to 8m long sheets of cut and folded steel as the building blocks for the Carbon Light trailers. Accurate, precise and efficient, the folded steel created by these machines give a greater strength to the design than just adding more and more steel. The lightweight design offers Larrington Trailer customers the best cost per pay-load ratio, with the strength to do the job. Full length folding greatly reduces the number of weld joins that are required. Weld joins are weaker than normal steel and can distort and crack. Keeping the steel as one piece, retains the strength throughout the length of the trailer. Used widely on commercial vehicle bodies its already a proven system. The Larrington Trailer single ram design gives an even and stable tipping of the body to 53 degrees. This trailer is no beet-heaper but its angle of tip is greater than most twin tipping ram trailers. The trailer is designed to compete in the volume market, with a standard 250 x 150 x 8 RHS 50D grade box section chassis, fixed drawbar ring, new commercial 420 x 180 x 10 stud axles with three leaf suspension, a selection of tyres and with three sizes to choose from (12, 14 or 16 ton capacity). The features that puts the Carbon Light trailer ahead of other agricultural trailers are the swivel drawbar shoe with height adjustment, LED lights, arched front and taildoor and angled top rail designed to aid the fitting of a rollover sheet.

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