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Epoxy Powder Coated Mild Steel Tanks

Epoxy powder coated mild steel is a robust material, with excellent resistance to impact. A highly resistant polyurethane sealant ensures that the tank effectively holds more aggressive content, such as raw sewage and industrial effluent ­ to a ph level between 2 ­ 13.

Plates for these tanks are prepared using a two coat, two fire process, ensuring a pin-hole free coating, tested at 1000v. This makes each panel highly resilient to surface damage.

A full range of ancillary products including roofs, ladders, platform etc.are available for this product. Click here for more information.

The plates are prepared using a two coat / two fire process, with the first coat internally and externally being epoxy powder, and the second coat being epoxy powder internally and polyester externally. The external polyester top coat is then applied to UV to stabilise the epoxy powder, and to give the required colour to the tank.

The coating is applied electro-statically, ensuring 100% panel coverage, inclusive of bolt holes and panel edges. The first coat is then semi-cured at 160°C. This provides a good key for the second coat. The second coat is then applied with this being fully cured at 180°C. Each plate is then tested before leaving the factory using a 1000V spark test to guarantee a 100% pin hole free surface.

Each plate has a minimum coating thickness of 120 microns per side (240 microns tota

Agriculture Tanks

From our manufacturing base in the UK, Galglass produce modular bolted fusion bonded epoxy Slurry Tanks for the storage and treatment of cow and pig effluent.

Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities (from 50m3 to over 5000m3), all Galglass slurry tanks can be supplied in any colour.

With easily fitted accessories such as ladders, jetters and through the wall stirrers, the Galglass Slurry Tanks are the ideal solution for animal waste management.

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