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McHale / Fixed Chamber Round Balers

McHale F5400

The McHale F5400 non-chopper round baler features a star shaped feed rotor to quickly and efficiently move the crop from the pick up into the bale chamber. This maximizes the baler performance and throughput.

The F5400 non chopper round baler comes standard with the McHale Drop Floor Unblocking System, 50mm Bearings on the bale chamber, heavy-duty chains and a continuous oiling system.

McHale F5500

A Heavy Duty Round Baler with a 15 Knife Chopper Unit and Drop Floor Unblocking System As with all McHale machines the McHale F5500 fixed chamber round baler has been designed with the demands of today's farmer and contractors in mind. This common sense approach to design ensures that machine operation is kept simple and user friendly. Features like progressive greasing and oiling and drop floor unblocking system, when combined with high specification components ensure long life, reliability and a machine that is rugged enough to handle the toughest of crop and ground conditions.

McHale F5600

At the higher end of the McHale F5000 Fixed Chamber Round Baler Range is the McHale F5600 fully automatic round baler, this is the highest specification round baler in the McHale F5000 round baler range. The McHale F5600 is fitted with a servo operated load sensing control valve and an expert plus control console, which makes the round baling process fully automatic.

Once the round bale is formed, net is automatically applied; the tailgate then automatically opens releasing the high density round bale, the tailgate on the F5600 baler then automatically closes and pressurises.

The F5600 fully automatic round baler comes standard with all the high specification features of the F5500 round baler but also benefits from;

• An Expert Plus Control Console with a Large Graphic Display
• A High Capacity 25 Knife Rotor (Optional)
• Automatic Tailgate Operation
• Drop Floor Unblocking Cycle
• Bale Kicker Sensor
• In Cab Net Adjustment
• In Cab Bale Density Adjustment

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